Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Have These In Your Kitchen?

A worthwhile post on tools to have in your kitchen….

How to stock a kitchen: You're only as good as your tools
By Almost Vegetarian(Almost Vegetarian)
I also make a lot of salads, so the salad spinner ... erm ... is this a gadget? It’s not plugged in. So, move along, then. I also can’t live without my blender. In fact I use it daily for my morning smoothie. And my evening margaritas. ...

Ok...another gadget article...I am a guy though!

Ok…this is getting away from the kitchen a bit but I thought it was an interesting article….more gadgets!

Great Gadgets for your home
Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA
As you enter the kitchen, you admire the sparkling-clean floor that your friendly robot scrubbed and dried overnight. Push a button here, and your coffee ...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

OK...wait...more gadgets? Yes...but these are for bachelors.

There are some cool things in this guy's post....I might even check out some of these!

7 kitchen gadgets for the modern day bachelor
This nifty kitchen gadget has everything you need in one device. Just add English muffin, an egg, and a meat of choice in the handy meat heating tray and you'll be having a home made McMuffin in minutes. ...

Enough with the Gadgets!

I know you are probably asking .."Where are the recipes on this blog?" Well I have a few I will be putting up soon I promise. I have been so busy that I haven't been on here too much. Please njoy this article about the top 10 kitchen gadgets for under ten bucks!

Top 10 kitchen gadgets for less than $10
Greeley Tribune - Greeley,CO,USA
You don't need a professional kitchen to turn out great meals. But, a few inexpensive gadgets can make a cook's life much easier. ...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

38 Pounds of Pesto?

Some info on pesto , salsa, a review of the Spin N Stor salad bags, and a wine pourer/aerator/stopper....from

Instant dinners
Inside Bay Area - Oakland,CA,USA
And I like the way it looks on the top of the bottle of wine ? it matches my kitchen. I also like that it's only $10 and can be found anywhere OXO gadgets ...

Monday, March 12, 2007

More Kitchen Gadegts at the Int'l Home & Housewares Show

Check out this article by The It's about the 2007 International Home & Housewares Show in Chicago. I saw a piece on the local news about this and they showed a really cool Black and Decker paint roller that you siphon paint from the can into the drip and no mess supposedly...we'll see.

The article actually has some cool kitchen gadgets....

I like the collapsable collander, the spoon with an edge, and the Spin'nStor salad bag. Sometimes that store bought salad mix is nasty.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

More kitchen gadgetry

I like the Smart Label, the roll up frying pan and the drink mixer.  Now the extent of their practicality...that is a different story aside from the smart label.  Check it out for yourself here

TechEBlog » Top 10 Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

Top 10 Most Innovative Kitchen Gadgets. We have seen the future of kitchens, and it’s high-tech. Soon you’ll have gadgets that will automatically mix drinks ...